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                              soul recovery sessions

about us​

We are Al & Kelly Grossman , Ordained under The Order of Melchizedek of Love , Service & Fulfillment .

We are here on a Divine Mission bases to helping those on their journey to realizing their True Authentic Selves .

We feel  The true gift of life is knowing thy self.

Here at Enchanted Wonders we provide the tools , knowledge and space for those seeking to recover their True self , and move beyond limiting beliefs , conditioning , fears , habits , patterns and cycles .

We are both Master Level Practitioners .

Kelly has 7 yrs experience in Reiki and also teaches it as well .  Kelly also offers Soul Recovery Coaching/Counseling . We feel we are all here to support , teach and grow from one another . But most importantly coming from a place of  All is Love and All is One.

We look forward to meeting and working with each and every person on their path of Enlightenment and Self Realization.

A little about melchizedek

who is melchizedek? 

the name melchizedek has its root in two Hebrew words , " melek" - meaning "king" and "tzedek" - meaning "righteous(ness). "the righteous king"

melchizedek is an aspect of god, or of the light.

melchizedek's job was to come into the world as a teacher; a guide; a role model; a prince of peace; a judge; and as a redeemer to redeem that epoch in history. a "redeemer" is a high teacher who assists others to see alternative probabilities and in doing so may shift global consciousness .  He/she changes how you look at things .

The order of melchizedek is about promoting a harmonious view of religion- where there is one god , understood and worshipped in a variety of different ways , each serving a purpose to those worshipping and to the overall understanding of spirituality .

this information is credited to Rev. daniel chesbro & rev. james Erickson .

if you would like to learn more please stop in to speak with us . we also carry copies of the book as well .